Sister Five

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New post I hope

I need to see if this is the right post, haven't posted in so long.

Here goes.

Happy June! Happy Summer

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday little "e"

Thought I would say Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet little granddaughter, or as we
call her little "e". The party was hot, hot, hot, not to mention fun, fun, fun! There were wall to wall people but it was quite a celebration! She is getting cuter every day. Lindsay and Jay stayed with us some during the Kentucky Hurricane Ike of 2008.
It was a crazy day and week for everyone. I think Evangeline knew she was at
grandma's house and knew it was playtime b/c she didn't sleep very well. I'll be keeping her next weekend overnight. I'm a little nervous not to get her off her sleep schedule. Lindsay took her to the doctor today to get her shots and he said her
gums were pretty swollen. She's alot of fun and saying all kinds of words, specifically bananna and no, no. So Happy First Birthday, Sweet Evangeline and congratulations to Jay and Lindsay on their first year celebration for their daughter.
They really are fantastic parents. Much more relaxed than me. Enjoy the pics

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July, here are a few more photo's to share. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, I know alot of people love their children and grandchildren, so I gotta
tell you about mine!

Evangeline! She is so adorable, cute and has the sweetest personality. She already has a sense of humor I can tell. It's like I play with her, and well, she just gets it. She's not talking yet-except for some da da's and other sounds, but there is definitely some communication going on. It's very, very cool!
And did I mention CUTE!!!

And check out my grandson too. (Sorry pics got reversed) I wish I got to spend more time with him. But he is sweet and too cute also. I have more grandkids through Bill's children, but I don't have any pics. Jalen is too funny and smart also, and what a personality. He is just like his Dad.

All my sisters have the cutest and sweetest grandkids. And now I do too! Guess we are all very blessed! Our children have great genes!

Hope these pics show up in my blog. I don't blog enough to remember how to do stuff, but here goes!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Beach Fashion

Well here is another one, Sweetie preparing her "look" for the beach!
Someone's gotta show me how to do these all at one time, all you smart bloggers.

She's "serious" about her beach attire (actually, she doesn't like the camera, ha ha)



Coming to a Beach near YOU

This should be a picture, but I'm new at this. If it shows up, here is my little
gbaby preparing for the beach, if not, I'll need some tech help

bye yall

Saturday, January 19, 2008


There's a song from my ipod playlist, it's a gospel song that says
Take these Shackles from my feet so I can dance, I just want to praise you, I just want to praise you..... It's a lively song, makes easier running. Alot of my songs
are spiritually based, NOT because I'm holy or anything, it's b/c I'm 54 and when I RUN, I need all the spiritual help I can get. But, I sing, take these shackles off my feet so I can RUN!! Anyway, started thinking about all the things that I consider
my shackles. Here goes.

My shackle of fear- have alot of it, anxiety, fear,worry, lack of trust, it weighs me down alot.

of depression- I don't have severe depression, but just enough to cause apathy, lack of energy sometimes, but mostly in the winter.

of obsession with food-now you KNOW that can weigh a person down and it literally has. I lost over 40 lbs and have over the last year gained 20 back and can't get any control over it. If it all comes back, don't know if I have another weight loss in me,

of selfish nature-like how something might affect me! My first thought, then I sift through and try to look outside myself

of Control, I start out trying to control people, places, things, doesn't work

but most important the shackle of lack of faith. Do I trust God really?

I do when things are going my way. But, But But Thank God, when I ask God to remove these things, my fear, worry, obsession, selfishness, He does! Doesn't mean God is a
"Genie God" it's just my perspective is usually changed. Then I feel strength,hope, and mostly surrender. But surrender with hope. Until the next day, and I start all over again. My shackles show up, each morning, some mornings not so bad as others. Then I think about others and all the stuff ALL people go through. My shackles aren't so special, but they are SO THERE with me most of the time!

But He has given me beauty for Ashes, gladness for mourning (Isaiah 61:3) and when I ask in accordance to His will-removes the shackles from my feet so I can dance, or run, or smile, or help, or understand, or listen, or deny my selfish nature.

Well gotta go, right now I'm shackled by the basketball game AGAIN, and we might lose to the worse team in the Big East. I gotta rid myself of this one!!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Hey, it's nine minutes left in the UL/UK game, we are UP by 19 and it STILL drives
me crazy. Can't watch it, up in my room being distracted ohhhh a fight, Ramel Bradley
knocked Padgett to the ground, better not mess with that, he's coming back
from a serious injury, but my heart is racing, pounding, can't even enjoy if they do win. This is why I have to give up basketball for the most part. I hate caring this
much, BUT I will say except for this game, I don't watch it much, I can't, already
have high blood pressure and getting too old for this. Too bad I can't even watch
when we are up by alot, but as ALL basketball fans know, you are NEVER safe until it's over.

Oh well, maybe I killed one minute. I will be glad when it's over!!!! GO CARDS!!

Gotta turn on some loud music for 8 more minutes!!!!!